Welcome to The Homeward Project

The Homeward Project is a movement committed to seeing better outcomes for kids and families with an experience of the child protection system in Australia. We inspire & equip individuals and churches to find the unique role they can play within the Out-of-Home Care space.

Foster Care: First Steps

Explore your potential next steps towards Foster Care.

Curious about Foster Care? This course will deepen your understanding of a faith-based, holistic approach to Foster Care and help you consider your readiness to pursue it.

Wrap-around Teams

Building holistic support systems for care families.

This resource will equip a carer’s ‘team’ with both greater understanding and practical plans to do the journey together. It includes a three-part video series, Facilitator Guide and Participant Booklet.

Trauma-informed Training

A trauma-informed approach to kids & youth ministry.

Equip your kids and youth teams with understanding and strategies to create safe spaces for all children and young people, especially those from hard places.

Church Discovery Guide

Explore your church's place in Out-of-Home Care.

The local Church can help to transform Out-of-Home Care in your community. This guide will show you how, providing practical guidance and tools to lay strong foundations, raise awareness, take action, support carers, and be a safe place for kids from hard places.


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